Technical Support

We do not believe our journey with you ends once the project is in place. Technical support is a critical component of the service we deliver, and will result in the extended life-performance of any audio-visual system.

Our technical support packages have been designed after comprehensive research amongst our clients and we are confident we can meet the demands of any type of installation. We fully appreciate that every client has different requirements, based on factors such as budget or technical expertise of on-site staff, so we are as flexible as possible in our approach.

The technical support team’s role begins back in the project delivery phase, ensuring that an installation is handed to the client in fully operational condition with comprehensive documentation.

All our installations have a one-year extendable warranty. The warranty starts at practical completion of our works and covers the costs of materials and labour to repair any part of the system we have supplied and installed*.

This does not limit the original manufacturer’s equipment warranty which can extend to several years but which tends to be a return-to-base service requiring removal, packaging, dispatch and reinstallation of the repaired equipment.

*Certain items are excluded from the warranty.

Often a problem can be diagnosed and resolved by phone or email. Telephone support and remote access are the first lines of assistance and, for those with whom we hold a service agreement, Sysco provides a phone line that is open 24 hours a day.

When possible, we install remote access to monitor the system, enabling automatic notifications to alert us to problems as soon as they occur. This allows their resolution and correction as rapidly as possible, minimising the down time of your system.

Critical to the long term reliability of any audio-visual installation is regular preventative maintenance. As part of the service package our team will attend site at regular intervals to undertake a predetermined set of maintenance tasks.

Every part of the system will be inspected, tested, cleaned and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Following each visit, we will issue a report documenting the works undertaken and any recommendations we’ve made for additional works. A copy of this report will be kept on file, and a copy issued to the client’s representative on site.

Unfortunately it is inevitable that at some point an item of equipment will fail. Our call out service offers clients access to engineers who will undertake investigative and remedial works for problems that can’t be dealt with remotely.

We regularly assist many of our clients with on-site support for special events such as sporting fixtures, exhibition openings and international auctions. Our engineers, backed by the expertise available within Sysco’s offices, provide the practical assistance to give event organisers confidence that all will run smoothly and successfully.