Project Delivery

We pride ourselves on precise, process-driven delivery being one of our greatest strengths.

During the project delivery phase, you will be guided through a structured process by Sysco’s expert project teams. Our engineers, project managers and installation crews have exceptional skill and attention to detail. Combined with resourcefulness, motivation, and a wealth of experience, these result in the recommendation and repeat business that form the majority of our work.

A detailed delivery process enables project teams to work fast and efficiently within a predictable framework, ensuring the project remains in scope.

Project delivery follows a reliable structure of key stages. Approval is sought at the end of each stage before the teams move onto the next. In this way our client remains focused on the critical decisions and the Sysco teams can work within a proven structure.

  • Stage 1: Design Development
    Develop a comprehensive blueprint for the final project.
  • Stage 2: Engineering
    Specify AV hardware systems and ensure their successful interface with other trades.
  • Stage 3: Manufacture
    Materials purchase, assembly and wiring.
  • Stage 4: Installation
    Complete and safe installation of specified systems on site.
  • Stage 5: Testing & Commissioning
    Test systems; commission software teams to create shows and finalise lighting and audio.
  • Stage 6: Training
    Ensure the client is fully acquainted with the operation of installed systems.
  • Stage 7: As Built Documentation
    Provide client with comprehensive documentation for delivered AV hardware systems.

The relationship between all key players plays an essential part in the successful delivery of each project on time and within budget.

Our project management team ensures that each stage runs professionally and transparently from concept through to realisation.

We undertake to:

  • Be open about our goals
  • Ensure we understand your functional and performance requirements
  • Focus your attention on key decisions
  • Balance creativity against cost when managing expectations
  • Listen to criticism and react constructively

Comprehensive documentation forms the backbone of each project, ensuring that all parties understand exactly what we are delivering and how our systems will interface with other trades.

We carefully assess the exact requirements of the project at all stages, providing sample hardware and specifications where necessary. Our engineering team prepares in-depth documentation to explain how to build and install the systems. These important documents evolve during the lifetime of the project to generate an accurate record of exactly how the systems are built and installed, finally forming a fundamental part of the O&M manuals.