Press Room: Chatham Dockyard: Command of the Oceans

Photos © Chatham Dockyard

Sysco are currently working on the new interactive galleries designed around the theme of the 'age of sail' at Chatham Dockyard due to open in spring 2016.

This theme is formulated around a time when this historic Dockyard was flourishing, during a period in which ships such as the HMS Victory (Royal Navy) were built by the people of Chatham Dockyard.

Through the exhibition design and latest technology this significant period of British Maritime history is told through engrossing stories about the Dockyard and its important role in this history.

Central to the interactive galleries, which contribute to revealing the Dockyard's previously untold story, are the archeological discoveries of the 'Timbers of Namur' (1756) and the 'Invincible' (1758).