York's Chocolate Story





Photos © York's Chocolate Story

Simple intuitive interfaces installed in this visitor attraction enable quirky interactions between staff, public, and virtual media characters; revealing the history of York’s involvement in chocolate-making in a clever and engaging way.

See chocolate come to life, hear generations of chocolate secrets, explore from bean to bar and taste your way through York’s CHOCOLATE Story! 

- www.yorkschocolatestory.com

This award-winning visitor experience, created by leading UK operator Continuum and opened on 31st March 2012, tells the rich story of York’s chocolate-making in a unique and engaging style.

The attraction blends technology and reality in quirky ways that provide an immersive, sensory experience for the visitor. Multiple timed exhibits and media characters are designed to interact with the staff and public throughout the exhibition, and a key project requirement was that these engagements should be facilitated with simple and intuitive user interfaces.

With maximum expertise and efficiency of process, Sysco were able to conform to the very tight timescale of 12 weeks from appointment to completion, enabling the venue to open on schedule for the Easter holiday period in 2012.

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