Sutton Life Centre





Photos © Sutton Life Centre

A high-tech educational environment for the London Borough of Sutton’s children, designed to teach comprehensive life skills through virtual scenarios, raising awareness of global issues and teaching children how to manage challenges they may be exposed to within the local community and at home.

The Sutton Life Centre promises to be the country’s first Big Society super classroom. Part movie set, part learning experience; our Life Skills Zone teaches your pupils about citizenship using the latest cinematic technology.


The Sutton Life Centre is a world class community education centre employing cutting edge technology to simulate real-life challenges that children can learn from to become ‘better citizens’.

The centre is designed to support curriculum PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) studies for children in Key Stages 2 and 3 through the creation of an immersive virtual world which exposes them to topics ranging from rainforest deforestation, safe use of local transport links, awareness of possible community issues like littering and gang-crime, to problems they may encounter in the home such as fire hazards, internet safety and domestic violence.

The design involved a very complex projection installation employing multiple channels of edge-blended media. Huge media files required careful planning and coordination with the media producer Simple to manage the encoding and delivery processes.

The show control system integrates video, sound and lighting elements in a variety of intuitive scenarios, with simple, user-friendly operation.

Remote fault diagnostics and a close relationship with the in-house operations team continue to enable Sysco technical support to monitor the health of the projector lamps and overall system status, minimising down-time in the event of hardware failure.

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