Ascot Racecourse





Key Partners

ISG, Buro Happold, Ascot Racecourse

Photos © Ascot

A vast and complex project to install a site-wide commentary and emergency voice evacuation system comprising 4000 speakers across several hundred flexible zones in this world-famous horse racing venue.

Running parallel with the innovative design of the new Grandstand are the values that Ascot Racecourse’s reputation has been built upon; history, heritage, tradition, pageantry and world class horseracing.


A huge new grandstand was opened at Ascot Racecourse in 2006 following a tight 2-year design programme that uniquely had the famous race meet in 2005 relocated.

The voice evacuation system designed by Capita Symonds, engineered and installed by Sysco, required a high level of flexibility so that the several hundred addressable zones could be reconfigured according to the size of event. Additionally the system had to comply with the venue’s strict fire and emergency evacuation strategy.

Sysco’s flexibility and expertise in the face of the scale and complexity of this huge project gained recognition when they were awarded Best Contractor status by the ISG project director.

Following completion of the grandstand, Sysco have worked closely with Ascot to provide on-site event support for all subsequent race meetings, and are additionally involved in a 3- to 4-year upgrade programme to better accommodate the visitor increase resulting from the new grandstand by enhancing sound coverage to some racetrack areas.

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