V&A: Horst Photographer of Style



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Horst: Photographer of Style boasts a diverse collection of 250 photographs from the 60-year career of fashion photographer Horst P Horst.

The photographer made his name at French Vogue in the 1930s, during the golden age of couture. The exhibition shines a light on all aspects of the photographer’s long career, giving insight to his influences and presenting his lesser-known works.

“The result is a fascinating, exciting exhibition that contextualises Horst's work and allows us not just to understand the development of his signature style, but also to witness the profound changes in women, their fashion and their role in society as Horst's career spanned 60 years, and an incredibly formative and changing 60 years too - from the pre-war years to the 1980s.”

- Victoria Sadler, The Huffington Post

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