V&A: Hollywood Costume

Creating a carefully-balanced framework that would allow the vast array of media within this exhibition to tell a coherent story, while at the same time educating media teams highly skilled in cinematography into concepts of proportionality within the visitor attraction, were the challenges which made this project uniquely interesting.

The V&A's autumn exhibition, 'Hollywood Costume', explores the central role costume design plays in cinema storytelling. Bringing together over 100 of the most iconic movie costumes from across a century of film-making, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the clothes worn by unforgettable and beloved characters such as Dorothy Gale, Indiana Jones, Scarlett O'Hara, Jack Sparrow, Holly Golightly and Darth Vader.

- www.vam.ac.uk

Sysco took great pleasure in the opportunity afforded by this project to work closely with media teams highly skilled in specific areas of the performing arts, but new to the nuances of visitor experience.

The exhibition comprised a vast amount of media - around 70 pieces, with 5 different iterations of each - which necessitated the employment of a professional librarian to track versioning and maintain control over the content, while Sysco wrote comprehensive guidelines for each curator on how the media should best be leveraged within the exhibition environment.

By careful control and management of the media in this way, and meticulous attention to the blending of experience, Sysco ensured that the intricate story of ‘Hollywood Costume’ was revealed.

The exhibition is a dynamic bringing-to-life of an otherwise static subject; a unique evocation of the drama and complexity of costume creation.

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