V&A: Club to Catwalk



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Below © V&A

Right © Derek Ridgers

Following the sell-out success of David Bowie Is, Sysco collaborated again with the V&A on their major summer 2013 exhibition exploring the connections between music, club and catwalk in Britain during the 1980s.

We are reminded of the true value of the 1980s: the spirit of deranged, joyful experimentation – in beauty, in identity, in sex and in gender – that carries its resonances through to today.

- www.metro.co.uk

The exhibition spans 2 floors and displays over 85 costumes, immersing you in the spirit of theatrical creativity that characterised the decade. Outfits from all of the major experimental designers of the era are on display, from Betty Jackson and Katharine Hamnett to Wendy Dagworthy and John Galliano. The exhibition traces the influence on the fashion scene of London’s hedonistic club scene and its wacky characters, exploring some of the decade’s most iconic styles.

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