Science Museum London: Large Hadron Collider



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Buried 100 meters below the Franco-Swiss countryside near Geneva is the largest scientific experiment ever built. The Science Museum’s Large Hadron Collider exhibition transports visitors through a network of underground tunnels on a journey to discover the Higgs Boson: the particle responsible for all the mass in the universe.

These days, science often requires collaborations between hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The Collider exhibition celebrates this, and the scientists, technicians and engineers that operate the LHC. If you can’t get to Switzerland to see the LHC, Collider will most likely be the next best thing.

- Ian Steadman, New Statesman

The items on display range from parts of what used to be CERN’s Large Electron-Positron Collider to the bottle of champagne opened by Peter Higgs on the day that the existence of the Higgs Boson was confirmed.

But the Collider exhibition makes a point of stressing that the discovery was a shared effort between thousands of thinkers from across the globe. Visitors are guided through the exhibition by projected videos of engineers and scientists who clearly explain the physics of the experiment, but also give visitors the opportunity to see what life is like working at the LHC.

This exhibition is an immersive blend of theatre, video and audio where ‘art and science really do collide, with spectacular results’ (Connor, 2013. The Independent). Sysco worked in association with The Hub Limited to build an AV system that creates a truly unique experience. The visitor is able to stand in the heart of a collision and witness a significant breakthrough in the world of science.

This exhibition is no longer at the Science Museum London but is currently on tour.

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