Science Museum London: Google Web Lab: The Chrome Experiment

The dawn of a new type of visitor attraction designed to link experiences across different mediums and locations. In Google Web Lab: The Chrome Experiment, cutting-edge technologies built into the Chrome web browser drive mechanical exhibits in the Science Museum, London, inviting on and offline visitors to collaborate in a range of interactive experiments.

See the magic of the web brought to life through 5 Chrome experiments.


Google Web Lab: The Chrome Experiment brings a totally new dimension to the museum experience by inviting the interaction between worldwide users through the integration of online and offline technologies. Visitors to the museum can collaborate with online users in making music with a range of instruments at the Science Museum, or online users can watch in real time as a webcam portrait they submit is redrawn by a robot arm located in the museum.

The Web Lab project was a great opportunity to work with creative teams on the very edge of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what it means to visit a museum. The result is a fascinating exploration into the blending of the virtual experience with the physical, and one which will no doubt herald a change in the way the conventional exhibition is perceived.

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