Science Museum London: Cosmonauts



Key Partners

Real Studios
Flemming Associates

Photos © Science Museum

The year 1957 saw the launch of the world’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik, into space. The Russians were pioneers for space exploration, four years later sending Yuri Gagarin into space - the first human ever to make the trip. In 2015, The Science Museum opened its doors to the largest exhibition of Russian space travel ever shown in the UK.

The exhibition explores the historical, cultural and spiritual context of Russian space travel whilst revealing the most significant collection ever to the UK public of Russian spacecraft and artefacts, including the Vostok 6 capsule flown by Valentina Tereshkova, Voskhod 1, the capsule used on the first mission to carry multiple crew members and the LK-3 Lunar Lander, the cosmonaut craft built to compete with Apollo.

“You will leave Cosmonauts with a different view of humanity's place in the cosmos"

- Professor Brian Cox on his visit to Cosmonauts

Sysco worked closely with Real Studios and The Science Museum to create an audiovisual experience that would reflect the mysterious and perplexing nature of space. Exceptional attention to detail was required from the Sysco team in many features of the exhibition, especially the ‘Sweep of Success’ exhibit, where complex geometry correction was needed for seamless display on a curved tensioned projection screen. Impressive ceiling projections were employed to display satellites flying through the sky in ‘Cosmonauts Flying’, whilst never before seen display pieces and memorabilia from 18 locations (military bases to aeronautical schools) illustrate all sides of the Soviet space experience from its origins and inspiration to its technology and human aspect through overarching themes such as the US-Soviet space race.

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