National Maritime Museum: Nelson, Navy, Nation 1688-1815



Key Partners

National Maritime Museum
Casson Mann
The Hub
Nick Ryan Music

Photos © National Maritime Museum

A new permanent gallery at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich explores the impact of the Royal Navy on the lives of ordinary people between the Glorious Revolution of 1688 to the defeat of Napoleon in 1815.

Some 250 objects brought together from the museum’s collections illustrate every aspect of naval life from bustling dockyards and the motivations to join up, to the privileges and hardships of life at sea.

Key figures in the Navy’s history such as Admiral Lord Nelson are explored in detail alongside ordinary seamen, seadogs and landlubbers, telling the personal stories of the men who became heroes and celebrities, within the wider context of how the Navy grew and shaped British identity.

Sysco were delighted to work with the National Maritime Museum for the first time, alongside familiar collaborators Casson Mann (exhibition designers) and The Hub (fit out contractors). Media was provided by Clay, Beakus and Nick Ryan Music.

This project needed particularly careful planning alongside the museum’s project management team and the fit out contractors to establish a phased installation schedule flexible enough to absorb the delays created by problems in the base build, so that the project could remain on schedule, while at the same time minimising risk to equipment installed while other trades were working on site.

The gallery opens on Trafalgar Day, 21 October 2013.

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