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In a small space tucked away in the crypt of Wesley’s Chapel, close to the City of London, The Museum of Methodism tells the history of Methodism from John Wesley to the present day and its contribution to shaping Britain’s political and social history.

"Wesley's Chapel is to the 70 million Methodists spread around the world what Canterbury Cathedral is to Anglicans and the Vatican to Roman Catholics.”

"Our new museum will release a compelling story from its chronological and denominational wraps and allow something of the genius and power which brought it to birth to touch and inspire our contemporary world.

"And that's why we've turned to world-renowned experts to advise, co-ordinate, design and build this amazingly beautiful facility."

- The Reverend Leslie Griffiths, Minister in charge of Wesley’s Chapel and the Museum of Methodism

A £1.4m refurbishment involving architects John McAslan & Partners and designers Barker Langham who worked on King’s Cross and the Royal Opera House has brought the Museum of Methodism into the modern age.

Installation of the latest technologies within the museum enhance the visitor experience, with features including audio visual presentations and interactive access to a range of significant archival documents such as historic sermons and hymns.

The museum re-opened to the public on 28 May 2013.

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