Imperial War Museum London: First World War Galleries





Key Partners

Fraser Randall
Casson Mann


AV Award 2015 Winner: Entertainment Project of the Year

Photos © Imperial War Museum

Following its £40m redevelopment, the Imperial War Museum in London has now unveiled its First World War Galleries to mark the centenary year.

Within 14 segments, the galleries showcase the most comprehensive collection of artefacts from across the globe. Many of the 1,300 objects on display have never before been seen and contribute to the museum’s objective to give a voice to those stories and perspectives that are often overlooked.

The gallery design incorporates 60 audiovisual displays and interactive spaces. One of the highlights of the galleries is a 52-foot-long, 8-foot-high recreation of a First World War trench. Visitors are able to walk through this immersive experience, surrounded by projected silhouettes of soldiers and a soundscape that evokes the drudgery of those conditions.

"We felt it utterly crucial that our visitors should see the war through the eyes of those who lived and died during the First World War"

- James Taylor, Head of Content at IWM

"They integrate text, artefacts, and audio-visual material into a compelling total presentation that – while properly focusing on the experience of Britain and its empire – is global in scope"

- Professor David Stevenson, LSE, Historical Advisor to IWM

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