Battle of Britain Memorial: The Wing



Key Partners

Creative Good
Elbow Productions

Photos © Battle of Britain

A fitting memorial and insight into the Battle of Britain, The Scramble Experience at The Wing offers an educational glimpse into what life might have been like between the 10th July and 31st October 1940 when the fate of Britain hung in the balance.

Her Majesty, The Queen was present at the opening of the The Wing, a £3.5m visitor and attraction centre at the Battle of Britain Memorial which opened in early 2015. The uniquely wing-shaped centre is envisioned to bring the events of 1940 to life, not as a replacement for the existing memorial, but to complement and provide further background into the events of the war.

Working alongside the designer, Creative Good, Sysco provided the design, supply and installation of the audiovisual hardware within the centre, known as The Scramble Experience. Keeping in line with the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust’s expectations and vision surrounding the core themes of ‘Darkest Hour, ‘Spitfire Summer’ and ‘The Few’, Sysco developed a dramatic and immersive visitor experience, designed to be fully interactive with the audience.

A large projection show ‘A Day in the Life’ accompanied by a captivating soundscape, is the focal point of the experience. The projections onto multiple walls and ceiling, lighting and audio effects all combine to create a highly stimulating, fast-paced and exciting presentation on the experience of aerial combat.

Interactive exhibits are a key feature of the experience, with a multi-touch table, styled as a plotting table, providing access to facts, figures, images, film and animations. Users can collaborate on this exhibit, exploring the specifics of the Dowding System of air defences whilst gifting them with a flavour of an operation room.

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