Roman Baths, Bath





Photos © The Roman Baths, Bath

A unique challenge to install technical components in areas of high humidity and temperature variation within ancient historical buildings which offered limited options for cable routing, while also accommodating an extremely busy tourist schedule.

A £5.5 million project to renovate the Roman Baths has been completed, with improvements to make it easier for visitors to imagine what life was like 2,000 years ago. Projections of Roman characters as well as real-life actors in the museum, are among the developments which help add a new dimension to the experience. 


One of the UK’s most visited tourist attractions - entertaining almost 900,000 people a year - undertook refurbishment over a 3-year phased period finishing in September 2010, aimed at transforming the baths into an attraction for the 21st century.

Refurbishments incorporated the use of projections and high-tech interactive installations to give visitors a dramatic insight into the building and use of the baths 2000 years ago.

The technical installations had to be equipped to withstand a sometimes hostile environment within areas of high humidity and sometimes wildly fluctuating temperatures. In addition, working within a complex building structure of substantial historic value made cable routing especially difficult.

The phasing of delivery necessitated careful planning to ensure that future changes and updates could easily be accommodated without unnecessary disruption and cost; while engineers had to take particular care in working around visitors during installation as the busy tourist venue never fully closed to the public.

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