Historic Royal Palaces: Secrets of the Royal Bedchamber



Key Partners

Historic Royal Palaces
The Hub
Duncan McCauley

Photos © Historic Royal Palaces

Mannequins gossip to each other in the drawing room, the sound of their voices emanating from speakers built into the fabric of their skin, equipment completely hidden within their costumes; just one component which helps bring to life this unique exhibition - 50 years of conservation and 3 years in the making - celebrating the role of the royal bedchamber in politics and society during the Stuart Court, with 6 royal beds at its core.

The new exhibition will create an experience which takes a contemporary twist on the distinctive Baroque style of the palace. Through new research and interpretation, visitors will be plunged into an immersive, interactive world of the Stuart Court, showcasing rarely displayed and amazing objects from the Royal Collection and other important lenders, all within the backdrop of the beautiful architecture of the State Apartments to create an experience unlike anything seen at a royal palace before.

- Historic Royal Palaces

Sysco continue their long-standing relationship with Historic Royal Palaces in this exhibition held at Hampton Court Palace, working alongside The Hub and Duncan McCauley to develop animations and soundscapes to support the exhibition.

The priority was to install unobtrusive systems with the minimum of impact on the historic building. Every component and method was thoroughly planned and approved in advance to ensure risk to the building’s fabric through physical impact or fire was eliminated.

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